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Switch to Sphinx 1.0.5.

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 	@if [ ! -d tools/sphinx ]; then \
 	  echo "Checking out Sphinx..."; \
-	  svn checkout $(SVNROOT)/external/Sphinx-1.0.4/sphinx tools/sphinx; \
+	  svn checkout $(SVNROOT)/external/Sphinx-1.0.5/sphinx tools/sphinx; \
 	@if [ ! -d tools/docutils ]; then \
 	  echo "Checking out Docutils..."; \
 You'll need to install the Sphinx package, either by checking it out via ::
-   svn co tools/sphinx
+   svn co tools/sphinx
 or by installing it from PyPI.
 goto end
-svn co %SVNROOT%/external/Sphinx-1.0.4/sphinx tools/sphinx
+svn co %SVNROOT%/external/Sphinx-1.0.5/sphinx tools/sphinx
 svn co %SVNROOT%/external/docutils-0.6/docutils tools/docutils
 svn co %SVNROOT%/external/Jinja-2.3.1/jinja2 tools/jinja2
 svn co %SVNROOT%/external/Pygments-1.3.1/pygments tools/pygments
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