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Kurt B. Kaiser  committed 083bf6e

format_paragraph_event wasn't returning 'break'
Backport r59463

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File Lib/idlelib/FormatParagraph.py

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             text.mark_set("insert", last)
+        return "break"
 def find_paragraph(text, mark):
     lineno, col = map(int, mark.split("."))

File Lib/idlelib/NEWS.txt

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 *Release date: XX-FEB-2008*
+- format_paragraph_event wasn't returning a 'break' (backport r59453)
 - Corrected some bugs in AutoComplete.  Also, Page Up/Down in ACW implemented;                                                                               
   mouse and cursor selection in ACWindow implemented; double Tab inserts      
   current selection and closes ACW (similar to double-click and Return); scroll