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 - Backported the "largefile" requirement for test_largefile on Mac OS X.
+- Backported email package 2.5.2, which makes address parsing slightly
+  more robust.
 - SF #710576: Backport of fix for #663074, to implement per-interpreter
   codecs registries. This adds new members at the end of
 - Distutils: Translate spaces in the machine name to underscores
   (Power Macintosh -> Power_Macintosh)
+- Backported SF #658233, continuation lines in .mo file metadata
+  crashed gettext.GNUTranslations parsing.  Also, export more symbols
+  in the gettext module's __all__.
 What's New in Python 2.2.2 (final) ?
 Release date: 14-Oct-2002