Martin von Löwis avatar Martin von Löwis committed 0ea5595

Bug #978833: Revert r50844, as it broke _socketobject.dup.

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         self.__state = _CS_IDLE
         if response.will_close:
-            # Pass the socket to the response
-            self.sock = None
+            # this effectively passes the connection to the response
+            self.close()
             # remember this, so we can tell when it is complete
             self.__response = response
     __slots__ = []
     def _dummy(*args):
         raise error(EBADF, 'Bad file descriptor')
-    def close(self):
-        pass
     # All _delegate_methods must also be initialized here.
     send = recv = recv_into = sendto = recvfrom = recvfrom_into = _dummy
     __getattr__ = _dummy
             setattr(self, method, getattr(_sock, method))
     def close(self):
-        self._sock.close()
         self._sock = _closedsocket()
         dummy = self._sock._dummy
         for method in _delegate_methods:
+- Bug #978833: Revert r50844, as it broke _socketobject.dup.
 - Bug #1675967: re patterns pickled with Python 2.4 and earlier can
   now be unpickled with Python 2.5.
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