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 configuration issue; your \program{PythonInterpreter} is setup to exit
 immediately upon completion, but your script assumes that if it prints
 something that text will stick around for a while. To fix this, see
-section \ref{Defaults}.
+section \ref{defaults}.
 After dropping the script onto the \program{PythonInterpreter}, a
 the \program{PythonInterpreter} icon did not hilight.  Most likely the
 Creator code and document type is unset (or set incorrectly) -- this
 often happens when a file originates on a non-Mac computer.  See
-section \ref{CreatorCode} for more details.
+section \ref{creator-code} for more details.
 If you try to open a script with the \program{Python IDE} but either
 can't locate it from the ``Open'' dialog box, or you get an error
 message like ``Can't open file of type ...'' see section
 When the \program{Python IDE} saves a script, it uses the creator code
 settings which are available by clicking on the small black triangle
 of the Interpreter, drop the icon for that copy onto
 \program{EditPythonPrefs}.  You can also use \program{EditPythonPrefs}
 in this fashion to set the preferences of the \program{Python IDE} and
-any applets you create -- see Sections \ref{BuildApplet} and
+any applets you create -- see section %s \ref{BuildApplet} and
 \subsection{Adding modules to the Module Search Path