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Georg Brandl  committed 152ae71

Fix bug #687747 and patch #1077979 in webbrowser.py.

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File Lib/webbrowser.py

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     def open(self, url, new=0, autoraise=1):
         if new:
-            self._remote("openURL(%s, new-window)"%url, autoraise)
+            self._remote("openURL(%s,new-window)"%url, autoraise)
             self._remote("openURL(%s)" % url, autoraise)
 if "BROWSER" in os.environ:
     # It's the user's responsibility to register handlers for any unknown
     # browser referenced by this value, before calling open().
-    _tryorder = os.environ["BROWSER"].split(os.pathsep)
+    _tryorder[0:0] = os.environ["BROWSER"].split(os.pathsep)
 for cmd in _tryorder:
     if not cmd.lower() in _browsers: