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Barry Warsaw  committed 15ee299

openfile(): Go back to opening the files in text mode. This undoes
the change in revision 1.11 (test_email.py) in response to SF bug
#609988. We now think that was the wrong fix and that WinZip was the
real culprit there.

This and the Parser.py patch will be forward ported into Python 2.3
and email 2.5.

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File Lib/email/test/test_email.py

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 def openfile(filename):
     path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(landmark), 'data', filename)
-    return open(path, 'rb')
+    return open(path, 'r')

File Lib/email/test/test_email_torture.py

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 def openfile(filename):
     from os.path import join, dirname, abspath
     path = abspath(join(dirname(testfile), os.pardir, 'moredata', filename))
-    return open(path, 'rb')
+    return open(path, 'r')
 # Prevent this test from running in the Python distro