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Bumping to 3.0b2

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 /* Version as a string */
-#define PY_VERSION      	"3.0b1+"
+#define PY_VERSION      	"3.0b2"
 /*--end constants--*/
 /* Subversion Revision number of this file (not of the repository) */


 #--start constants--
-__version__ = "3.0b1"
+__version__ = "3.0b2"
 #--end constants--


-IDLE_VERSION = "3.0b1"
+IDLE_VERSION = "3.0b2"
 What's new in Python 3.0b2?
-*Release date: XX-XXX-2008*
+*Release date: 17-Jul-2008*
 Core and Builtins


 %define name python
 #--start constants--
-%define version 3.0b1
+%define version 3.0b2
 %define libver 3.0
 #--end constants--
 %define release 1pydotorg
-This is Python version 3.0 beta 1
+This is Python version 3.0 beta 2
 For notes specific to this release, see RELNOTES in this directory.
 The release plan is to have a series of alpha releases in 2007 and 2008,
-beta releases in 2008, and a final release in September 2008.  The alpha
+beta releases in 2008, and a final release in October 2008.  The alpha
 releases are primarily aimed at developers who want a sneak peek at the
 new langauge, especially those folks who plan to port their code to
 Python 3000.  The hope is that by the time of the final release, many
 Please report bugs to
+Version 3.0b2 - Release Date 17-Jul-2008
+Please search the bug tracker for critical issues in Python 3.0.
+The bsddb3 library is known to be in bad shape.  The Python 2.6 version needs
+to be ported to Python 3.0, but so far, no one has done this.
+There are several known deferred blockers (issues that will block the next
+release).  These include, but are not limited to, problems with 2to3,
+multiprocessing, and bytearrays.
 Version 3.0b1 - Release Date 18-Jun-2008
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