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File Mac/ReadMeOrSuffer

-How to install Python 1.3beta3 on your Macintosh
+How to install Python 1.3 on your Macintosh
 Even if you don't usually read readme files: please read at least the
 "python preferences" file from the Preferences folder, and possibly
 "PythonCore" from the Extensions folder.
-Next: this is a beta distribution, so (a) things may be broken and (b)
-the instructions are probably far from complete (or correct:-). I'm counting
-on you to send me feedback on any problems you encounter or suggestions
-you have!
 If this is your first encounter with python: you definitely need the common
 user documentation (common to all platforms). You can find this (in various
 forms) on and
 PowerPC Macintosh instructions
-1. You will have to create some aliases in the 'PlugIns' folder. There is
-   an AppleScript there that will create them for you. If you don't have
-   AppleScript you will have to create the aliases by hand, read the script
-   to see what to do. Alternatively, if you have still have an older, but
-   fairly recent version of python already on your system: try the
-   MkPluginAliases script from the Scripts folder.
+1. Remove older versions of "PythonCore" and "Python Preferences"
+   from your system folder.
-   [If someone nows of a way to create relative aliases or of a simple way
-   to create aliases on a target system without knowing pathnames in advance:
-   please let me know]
-2. At this point you should remove older versions of "PythonCore" and
-   "Python Preferences" from your system folder.
-3. Next, you should run PythonPPC. This will create an initial preferences
-   file (after asking you if that's ok with you).
-4. To make sure any applets you create can find the common interpreter code
+2. Run the MkPluginAliases applet. This will first ask you whether it should
+   create an initial preferences file. Let it do so. Next, it will create a
+   number of aliases in the PlugIns folder. If this fails in mysterious ways
+   try using the applescript in the PlugIns folder to create the aliases.
+   If that also fails: examine the script and create the aliases by hand
+   (and tell me what you did to make either of these two fail:-).
+3. To make sure any applets you create can find the common interpreter code
    you should move PythonCore to the Extensions folder (drop it on the
    System Folder and it will find its own way). Alternatively, you can
    make an alias called "PythonCore" in the Extensions folder and
    again at this point to check that you actually put the extension in
    the right place.
-5. You're all set now. Continue with the common instructions.
+4. You're all set now. Continue with the common instructions.
 68K Macintosh instructions
    have one (the file, that is, not the folder:-).
 2. Run Python68K. This will create an initial preferences file (after
-   asking you if that's ok with you).
+   asking you if that's ok with you). Quit python.
 3. Continue with the next section.

File Mac/Relnotes-1.3

 	Changes since 1.3beta3
-- now works in a virgin distribution environment
+- now works in a virgin distribution environment. It is
+  also distributed as an applet.
 - hexbin from has been fixed
 - various bits and pieces in readme files clarified
 - mkapplet bug wrt owner resource (and, hence, trouble starting applets) fixed.
+- Compiled with CodeWarrior 7.
+- AE client modules generated with now use keyword args.
 	Changes since Python 1.2 for the mac
-These relnotes are relative to the last "official" MacPython release,
-not to the intermediate releases.
 - PPC python now uses a shared library organization. This allows the
   creation of dynamically loadable extension modules (contact me) and
   creation of python applets (see A number of previously
 - binhextree: Binhex all files in a tree, depending on the extension.
 - (PPC only) mkapplet: Create a python applet from a sourcefile and
   (optional) resourcefile.
+	Known problems
+	--------------
+- 68K python reacts rather violently to out-of-memory situations. In
+  stead of raising MemoryError it will crash, possibly bringing down the
+  whole system. This is being investigated.
+- The installation procedure is baroque. Ideas for improvement are welcome.
+- The full documentation should be ported to AppleGuide. This should be
+  a fairly simple automatic translation but I am not well-versed enough in
+  AppleGuide to do it. Any takers?
+	What will change shortly
+	------------------------
+I am planning to do an intermediate release shortly (1.3.1??), mainly
+because Guido was so fast with 1.3 that I didn't have time to do some
+things I wanted. Expect the following changes shortly (note that some are
+- CFM68K support,bringing applets and dynamic loading to the 68K macs.
+- Bgen-generated toolbox interfaces will go to a different place,
+  probably :Lib:mac:toolbox
+- Resource objects now often perform the role of a Handle object. This
+  will change with the introduction of a Handle object and some sort of
+  simulated inheritance.
+- AE suites generated with gensuitemodule will be restructured, whereby it
+  will be easier to override/extend standard suites. Also, server suites
+  will also be generated, and hopefully objects will be supported.
+- Event handling is currently rather messy, with python, SIOUX, stdwin and
+  the python application all fighting over the events. This will somehow
+  be changed.
+  		Jack Jansen,
+  		10-Oct-95