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Fix the GIL with subinterpreters. Hopefully this will allow mod_wsgi to work with 3.2.
(we need some tests for this)

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 static void drop_gil(PyThreadState *tstate)
-    /* NOTE: tstate is allowed to be NULL. */
     if (!_Py_atomic_load_relaxed(&gil_locked))
         Py_FatalError("drop_gil: GIL is not locked");
-    if (tstate != NULL &&
-        tstate != _Py_atomic_load_relaxed(&gil_last_holder))
-        Py_FatalError("drop_gil: wrong thread state");
+    /* tstate is allowed to be NULL (early interpreter init) */
+    if (tstate != NULL) {
+        /* Sub-interpreter support: threads might have been switched
+           under our feet using PyThreadState_Swap(). Fix the GIL last
+           holder variable so that our heuristics work. */
+        _Py_atomic_store_relaxed(&gil_last_holder, tstate);
+    }
     _Py_ANNOTATE_RWLOCK_RELEASED(&gil_locked, /*is_write=*/1);
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