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Switch regrtest to use StringIO instead of cStringIO for test_multiprocessing on Windows. Issue 8333.

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 option '-uall,-bsddb'.
-import cStringIO
+import StringIO
 import getopt
 import json
 import os
     if verbose:
         capture_stdout = None
-        capture_stdout = cStringIO.StringIO()
+        capture_stdout = StringIO.StringIO()
     test_time = 0.0
     refleak = False  # True if the test leaked references.


 from StringIO import StringIO
+class StdIOBuffer(StringIO):
+    pass
 from test import test_support
 class TestCase(unittest.TestCase):
         super(TestCase, self).assertEqual(obj1, obj2)
 class TempDirMixin(object):
     def setUp(self):
     # if this is being called recursively and stderr or stdout is already being
     # redirected, simply call the function and let the enclosing function
     # catch the exception
-    if isinstance(sys.stderr, StringIO) or isinstance(sys.stdout, StringIO):
+    if isinstance(sys.stderr, StdIOBuffer) or isinstance(sys.stdout, StdIOBuffer):
         return parse_args(*args, **kwargs)
     # if this is not being called recursively, redirect stderr and
     # use it as the ArgumentParserError message
     old_stdout = sys.stdout
     old_stderr = sys.stderr
-    sys.stdout = StringIO()
-    sys.stderr = StringIO()
+    sys.stdout = StdIOBuffer()
+    sys.stderr = StdIOBuffer()
             result = parse_args(*args, **kwargs)
                 parser = self._get_parser(tester)
                 print_ = getattr(parser, 'print_%s' % self.func_suffix)
                 old_stream = getattr(sys, self.std_name)
-                setattr(sys, self.std_name, StringIO())
+                setattr(sys, self.std_name, StdIOBuffer())
                     parser_text = getattr(sys, self.std_name).getvalue()
             def test_print_file(self, tester):
                 parser = self._get_parser(tester)
                 print_ = getattr(parser, 'print_%s' % self.func_suffix)
-                sfile = StringIO()
+                sfile = StdIOBuffer()
                 parser_text = sfile.getvalue()
                 self._test(tester, parser_text)
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