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Tools/scripts/README		Fix the copyright notice in source files		Fix Python scripts' first line (if #!)		FTP mirror script		Create Python codecs from Unicode mapping files		Open a webbrowser with Google.		Transform gprof(1) output into useful HTML.			Translate #define's into Python assignments		Create vi tags file for Python modules
 pydoc			Python documentation browser.		Find Python source files		Basic regular expression demostration facility		Basic regular expression demonstration facility		Change .py files to use 4-space indents.		Reverse grep through a file (useful for big logfiles)		Install all scripts listed here.			Sort a list of files by suffix		Sets svn:eol-style on all files in directory.             Validate Python LaTeX formatting (Raymond Hettinger)		Convert GNU texinfo files into HTML		Trace Python program or function execution		Synchronize source trees (very ideosyncratic)		Replace tabs with spaces in argument files		Find a program in $PATH
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