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Fred Drake  committed 318bf69

backport 1.17, 1.18 from the trunk: PyErr_SetInterrupt not Obsolete
(closes SF patch #919299)

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-  This function is obsolete.  It simulates the effect of a
+  This function simulates the effect of a
   \constant{SIGINT}\ttindex{SIGINT} signal arriving --- the next time
   \cfunction{PyErr_CheckSignals()} is called,
   \withsubitem{(built-in exception)}{\ttindex{KeyboardInterrupt}}
   \exception{KeyboardInterrupt} will be raised.  It may be called
   without holding the interpreter lock.
+  % XXX This was described as obsolete, but is used in
+  % thread.interrupt_main() (used from IDLE), so it's still needed.
 \begin{cfuncdesc}{PyObject*}{PyErr_NewException}{char *name,