Guido van Rossum  committed 31a5046

Change test for re.sub() involving g<...> to use a multi-character
identifier. The previous had a bug that wouldn't show up with
single-char identifier...

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File Lib/test/

     assert re.sub('(.)', re.escape(s), 'x') == s
     assert re.sub('(.)', lambda m: s, 'x') == s
-    assert re.sub('(?P<a>x)', '\g<a>\g<a>', 'xx') == 'xxxx'
+    assert re.sub('(?P<unk>x)', '\g<unk>\g<unk>', 'xx') == 'xxxx'
     assert re.sub('a', r'\t\n\v\r\f\a\b\B\Z\a\A\w\W\s\S\d\D', 'a') == '\t\n\v\r\f\a\bBZ\aAwWsSdD'
     assert re.sub('a', '\t\n\v\r\f\a', 'a') == '\t\n\v\r\f\a'