Mark Hammond avatar Mark Hammond committed 35ccfc1

Fix [ 776721 ] locale.setlocale() leaks
Our saved locale was not being freed. Also check correct variable for

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             return NULL;
         result_object = PyString_FromString(result);
-        if (!result)
+        if (!result_object)
             return NULL;
         /* record changes to LC_NUMERIC */
         if (category == LC_NUMERIC || category == LC_ALL) {
                 thousands_sep = PyString_FromString(lc->thousands_sep);
                 decimal_point = PyString_FromString(lc->decimal_point);
+                if (saved_numeric)
+                    free(saved_numeric);
                 saved_numeric = strdup(locale);
                 /* restore to "C" */
                 setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C");
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