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-The modules in this manual are available on the Apple Macintosh only.
-Aside from the modules described here there are also interfaces to
-various MacOS toolboxes, which are currently not extensively
-described. The toolboxes for which modules exist are:
-\module{AE} (Apple Events),
-\module{Cm} (Component Manager),
-\module{Ctl} (Control Manager),
-\module{Dlg} (Dialog Manager),
-\module{Evt} (Event Manager),
-\module{Fm} (Font Manager),
-\module{List} (List Manager),
-\module{Menu} (Moenu Manager),
-\module{Qd} (QuickDraw),
-\module{Qt} (QuickTime),
-\module{Res} (Resource Manager and Handles),
-\module{Scrap} (Scrap Manager),
-\module{Snd} (Sound Manager),
-\module{TE} (TextEdit),
-\module{Waste} (non-Apple \program{TextEdit} replacement) and
-\module{Win} (Window Manager).
-If applicable the module will define a number of Python objects for
-the various structures declared by the toolbox, and operations will be
-implemented as methods of the object. Other operations will be
-implemented as functions in the module. Not all operations possible in
-\C{} will also be possible in Python (callbacks are often a problem), and
-parameters will occasionally be different in Python (input and output
-buffers, especially). All methods and functions have a \code{__doc__}
-string describing their arguments and return values, and for
-additional description you are referred to \citetitle{Inside
-Macintosh} or similar works.
-The following modules are documented here:
 \section{\module{mac} ---
          Implementations for the \module{os} module}