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Fred Drake  committed 3e1bf75

Backport changes from trunk needed to make the GNU info format build.

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File Doc/tools/mkinfo

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+COMMONDIR="`dirname $DOCDIR`/commontex"
 run() {
     # show what we're doing, like make does:
 # generate the Texinfo file:
 run $EMACS -batch -q --no-site-file -l $TOOLSDIR/py2texi.el \
-    --eval "(setq py2texi-dirs '(\"./\" \"../texinputs/\" \"$DOCDIR\"))" \
+    --eval "(setq py2texi-dirs '(\"$DOCDIR\" \"$COMMONDIR\" \"../texinputs\"))" \
     --eval "(setq py2texi-texi-file-name \"$TEXINAME\")" \
     --eval "(setq py2texi-info-file-name \"$INFONAME\")" \
     --eval "(py2texi \"$DOCDIR/$DOCFILE\")" \

File Doc/tools/py2texi.el

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 			  (string-match "\\.ind\\.tex$" filename)))
       (setq dirs py2texi-dirs)
       (while (and (not includefile) dirs)
-	(setq includefile (concat path (car dirs) filename))
+	(setq includefile
+              (concat (file-name-as-directory (car dirs)) filename))
+        (if (not (file-name-absolute-p includefile))
+            (setq includefile
+                  (concat (file-name-as-directory path) includefile)))
 	(unless (file-exists-p includefile)
-	  (setq includefile nil)
+          (setq includefile nil)
 	  (setq dirs (cdr dirs))))
       (if includefile