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Minor touch-ups in distutils.cmd.Command doc

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 .. function:: setup(arguments)
    The basic do-everything function that does most everything you could ever ask
-   for from a Distutils method. See XXXXX
+   for from a Distutils method.
    The setup function takes a large number of arguments. These are laid out in the
    following table.
    predicate)``, with *command_name* a string and *predicate* a function, a
    string or ``None``.  *predicate* is a method of the parent command that
    determines whether the corresponding command is applicable in the current
-   situation.  (E.g. we ``install_headers`` is only applicable if we have any C
+   situation.  (E.g. ``install_headers`` is only applicable if we have any C
    header files to install.)  If *predicate* is ``None``, that command is always