Tim Peters  committed 43c393b

Merge rev 43091 from the trunk.

Try to find a host that responds slower from so this test
does not fail on macteagle (G4 OSX.4 in buildbot)

Since testConnectTimeout() frequently fails in the same way in 2.4
branch, and this patch seems to have fixed it on the trunk, it
should fix it on the 2.4 branch too.

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File Lib/test/

         # If we are too close to, this test will fail.
         # Pick a host that should be farther away.
         if socket.getfqdn().split('.')[-2:] == ['python', 'org']:
-            self.addr_remote = ('', 80)
+            self.addr_remote = ('', 80)
         _t1 = time.time()
         self.failUnlessRaises(socket.error, self.sock.connect,