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Issue 6288: Update contextlib.nested() docstring to reflect new documentation
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Remove markup from docstring

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 def nested(*managers):
-    """Support multiple context managers in a single with-statement.
+    """Combine multiple context managers into a single nested context manager.
-    Code like this:
+   This function has been deprecated in favour of the multiple manager form
+   of the with statement.
-        with nested(A, B, C) as (X, Y, Z):
-            <body>
+   The one advantage of this function over the multiple manager form of the
+   with statement is that argument unpacking allows it to be
+   used with a variable number of context managers as follows:
-    is equivalent to this:
-        with A as X:
-            with B as Y:
-                with C as Z:
-                    <body>
+      with nested(*managers):
+          do_something()
     warn("With-statements now directly support multiple context managers",
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