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Revert 54805 for 2.5.1 release. Can be applied after 2.5 branch is unfrozen.

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     debug("Waiting for child (%d) to finish."%pid)
-    # In verbose mode, we have to consume the debug output from the child or
-    # the child will block, causing this test to hang in the parent's
-    # waitpid() call.  The child blocks after a platform-dependent amount of
-    # data is written to its fd.  On Linux 2.6, it's 4000 bytes and the child
-    # won't block, but on OS X even the small writes in the child above will
-    # block it.  Also on Linux, the read() will throw an OSError (input/output
-    # error) when it tries to read past the end of the buffer but the child's
-    # already exited, so catch and discard those exceptions.  It's not worth
-    # checking for EIO.
-    while True:
-        try:
-            data =, 80)
-        except OSError:
-            break
-        if not data:
-            break
-        sys.stdout.write(data.replace('\r\n', '\n'))
     ##line =, 80)
     ##lines = line.replace('\r\n', '\n').split('\n')
     ##if False and lines != ['In child, calling os.setsid()',
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