Anonymous committed 45f0272

Issue #14698: Make test_posix more robust when the current UID doesn't have an
associated pwd entry.

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         # If a non-privileged user invokes it, it should fail with OSError
         # EPERM.
         if os.getuid() != 0:
-            name = pwd.getpwuid(posix.getuid()).pw_name
+            try:
+                name = pwd.getpwuid(posix.getuid()).pw_name
+            except KeyError:
+                # the current UID may not have a pwd entry
+                raise unittest.SkipTest("need a pwd entry")
                 posix.initgroups(name, 13)
             except OSError as e:
     def test_getgroups(self):
         with os.popen('id -G') as idg:
             groups =
+            ret = idg.close()
-        if not groups:
+        if ret != 0 or not groups:
             raise unittest.SkipTest("need working 'id -G'")
         # 'id -G' and 'os.getgroups()' should return the same
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