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Issue 3116: fix quadratic behavior in marshal.dumps().

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 Extension Modules
+- Issue #3116:  marshal.dumps() had quadratic behavior for strings > 32Mb.
 - Issue #2138: Add factorial() the math module.
 - The heapq module does comparisons using LT instead of LE.  This
 	size = PyString_Size(p->str);
 	newsize = size + size + 1024;
 	if (newsize > 32*1024*1024) {
-		newsize = size + 1024*1024;
+		newsize = size + (size >> 3);	/* 12.5% overallocation */
 	if (_PyString_Resize(&p->str, newsize) != 0) {
 		p->ptr = p->end = NULL;
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