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Backport r66804: #1415508 from Rocky Bernstein: add docstrings for enable_interspersed_args(), disable_interspersed_args()

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             self.usage = usage
     def enable_interspersed_args(self):
+        """Set parsing to not stop on the first non-option, allowing
+        interspersing switches with command arguments. This is the
+        default behavior. See also disable_interspersed_args() and the
+        class documentation description of the attribute
+        allow_interspersed_args."""
         self.allow_interspersed_args = True
     def disable_interspersed_args(self):
+        """Set parsing to stop on the first non-option. Use this if
+        you have a command processor which runs another command that
+        has options of its own and you want to make sure these options
+        don't get confused.
+        """
         self.allow_interspersed_args = False
     def set_process_default_values(self, process):