Tim Peters  committed 4a999c6

The part checking for the sqlite DLL was looking at, and
copying to, a wrong location (it copied the DLL under the
Python directory, and gave it name 'PCbuild').

The Windows buildbots other than mine are probably hung
now, waiting for someone to press "OK" on a popup box
informing them that sqlite3.dll couldn't be found.

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File Tools/buildbot/external.bat

 @rem sqlite
 if not exist sqlite-source-3.3.4 svn export
-if not exist build\Python\PCbuild\sqlite3.dll copy sqlite-source-3.3.4\sqlite3.dll build\Python\PCbuild
+if not exist build\PCbuild\sqlite3.dll copy sqlite-source-3.3.4\sqlite3.dll build\PCbuild