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1.5a3 relnotes (1.5a4 to follow later)

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-	Release notes for MacPython 1.5a2, 28-May-97
-	--------------------------------------------
+	Release notes for MacPython 1.5a3
+	---------------------------------
 Here are the mac-specific changes since MacPython 1.4, with end-user-visible
 changes near the top and API changes and other things that are developer-only
-more to the bottom:
+more to the bottom. Changes marked with a [*] are new changes, since
+1.5a2. And, of course, all Guido's 1.5a3 changes are incorporated.
+- Installation is now through an installer [*]
+- mkapplet and MkPluginAliases have been renamed to BuildApplet and
+  ConfigurePython [*]
+- Applescript classes and properties are now exported by suites. Very
+  sketchy documentation added to applescript.html [*]
+- Tkinter now uses tcl/tk 8.0 [*]
+- imports should be faster due to caching path information [*]
+- Generated suites now live in Mac:Lib:scripting [*]
+- Added zlib module [*]
+- Tkinter setfilehandler() did not work for sockets, fixed [*]
+- "Delay console window" option didn't work, fixed. Also check out the
+  quietconsole.py module [*]
+- Menu bar is restored (if needed) when keeping console open after
+  exit [*]
+- Influencing command-. and event processing (formerly MacOS.SetYield
+  and MacOS.SetScheduleTimes) has been changed, see the manual [*]
+- FrameWork (or your own windowing code) can use asynchronous
+  callbacks to keep user interface responsive during long computations [*]
 - Module to interface to Internet Config added
 - Module calldll added that allows calling of arbitrary C routines
   from MacOS toolboxes
 - img: better error handling for truncated images and such
 - img: imgop.unpack() can unpack formats with multiple pixels per byte
+- We now use CW Pro 1, with multitarget projects and such goodies [*]
+- fixed xx plugin project for cfm68k [*]
 - All files updated to new Py_ naming convention
 - Toolbox modules regenerated from new Universal Headers
 - nfullpath() merged into PyMac_GetFullPath()