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Resolve bug 7847 by including documentation for -J, -U, and -X under "Options
you shouldn't use".

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    See also :envvar:`PYTHONUNBUFFERED`.
-.. XXX should the -U option be documented?
 .. cmdoption:: -v
    Print a message each time a module is initialized, showing the place
    .. note:: The line numbers in error messages will be off by one.
-.. XXX document -X?
 .. cmdoption:: -3
    Warn about Python 3.x incompatibilities which cannot be fixed trivially by
    .. versionadded:: 2.6
+Options you shouldn't use
+.. cmdoption:: -J
+   Reserved for use by Jython_.
+.. _Jython:
+.. cmdoption:: -U
+   Turns all string literals into unicodes globally.  Do not be tempted to use
+   this option as it will probably break your world.  It also produces
+   ``.pyc`` files with a different magic number than normal.  Instead, you can
+   enable unicode literals on a per-module basis by using::
+        from __future__ import unicode_literals
+   at the top of the file.  See :mod:`__future__` for details.
+.. cmdoption:: -X
+    Reserved for alternative implementations of Python to use for their own
+    purposes.
 .. _using-on-envvars:
   library would return a bogus result; on Solaris, it was possible to crash
   the interpreter.  Patch by Stefan Krah.
-- Issue #7853: Normalize exceptions before they are passed to a context managers
-  __exit__ method.
+- Issue #7853: Normalize exceptions before they are passed to a context
+  managers __exit__ method.
 - Issue #7385: Fix a crash in `MemoryView_FromObject` when
   `PyObject_GetBuffer` fails.  Patch by Florent Xicluna.
+- Updating `Using Python` documentation to include description of CPython's
+  -J, -U and -X options.
 - Update python manual page (options -B, -O0, -s, environment variables
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