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+What's New in IDLE 1.2.2c1?
+*Release date: XX-FEB-2008*
+- Patch 1693258: Fix for duplicate "preferences" menu-OS X. Backport of r56204.
+- OSX: Avoid crash for those versions of Tcl/Tk which don't have a console
 What's New in IDLE 1.2.1?
 *Release date: 05-APR-2007*
+- Bug in idlelib.MultiCall: Options dialog was crashing IDLE if there was an
+  option in config-extensions w/o a value. Patch #1672481, Tal Einat
+  (backport from rev. 54156)
+- Honor the "Cancel" action in the save dialog (Debian bug #299092).
+- Bug #813342: Start the IDLE subprocess with -Qnew if the parent
+  is started with that option. (backport from rev. 52295)
 What's New in IDLE 1.2?
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