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Update build instructions Tcl/Tk to use 8.4.12, and python9.mak.

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File PCbuild9/readme.txt

     Python wrapper for the Tk windowing system.  Requires building
-    Tcl/Tk first.  Following are instructions for Tcl/Tk 8.4.12.
+    Tcl/Tk first.  Following are instructions for Tcl/Tk 8.4.16.
     NOTE: The 64 build builds must land in tcltk64 instead of tcltk.
     Get source
     In the dist directory, run
-    svn export
-    svn export
+    svn export
+    svn export
     svn export
     Build Tcl first (done here w/ MSVC 7.1 on Windows XP)
     Use "Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
          -> Visual Studio .NET Tools -> Visual Studio .NET 2003 Command Prompt"
     to get a shell window with the correct environment settings
-    cd dist\tcl8.4.12\win
+    cd dist\tcl8.4.16\win
     nmake -f
     nmake -f INSTALLDIR=..\..\tcltk install
     Build Tk
-    cd dist\tk8.4.12\win
-    nmake -f TCLDIR=..\..\tcl8.4.12
-    nmake -f TCLDIR=..\..\tcl8.4.12 INSTALLDIR=..\..\tcltk install
+    cd dist\tk8.4.16\win
+    nmake -f TCLDIR=..\..\tcl8.4.16
+    nmake -f TCLDIR=..\..\tcl8.4.16 INSTALLDIR=..\..\tcltk install
     XXX Should we compile with OPTS=threads?
     XXX directory.  Is all of that really needed for Python use of Tcl/Tk?
     Optional:  run tests, via
-        nmake -f TCLDIR=..\..\tcl8.4.12 test
+        nmake -f TCLDIR=..\..\tcl8.4.16 test
         On WinXP Pro, wholly up to date as of 30-Aug-2004:
         all.tcl:        Total   8420    Passed  6826    Skipped 1581    Failed  13
    Built Tix
    cd dist\tix-8.4.0\win
-   nmake -f python.mak
-   nmake -f python.mak install
+   nmake -f python9.mak
+   nmake -f python9.mak install
     Python wrapper for the libbz2 compression library.  Homepage