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- Remove WITH makefile variable. Its not used for anything.
- Add CONFIG_ARGS variable and use it to re-run configure rather than
using config.status. This prevents an infinite loop if configure
dies while re-configuring.

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-# --with-PACKAGE options for configure script
-# e.g. --with-readline --with-svr5 --with-solaris --with-thread
-# (see README for an explanation)
+# configure script arguments
 # Subdirectories with code
 	CONFIG_FILES=Makefile.pre CONFIG_HEADERS= $(SHELL) config.status
 	$(MAKE) -f Makefile.pre Makefile
-# Run the configure script.  If config.status already exists,
-# call it with the --recheck argument, which reruns configure with the
-# same options as it was run last time; otherwise run the configure
-# script with options taken from the $(WITH) variable
+# Run the configure script.
 config.status:	$(srcdir)/configure
-	if test -f config.status; \
-	then $(SHELL) config.status --recheck; \
-	     $(SHELL) config.status; \
-	else $(SHELL) $(srcdir)/configure $(WITH); \
-	fi
+	$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/configure $(CONFIG_ARGS)
 .PRECIOUS: config.status $(PYTHON) Makefile Makefile.pre