Fred Drake avatar Fred Drake committed 6525e02

avoid the inane markup generated by LaTeX2HTML for \LaTeX; that simply
doesn't look right in HTML

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 # words typeset in a special way (not in HTML though)
 sub do_cmd_ABC{ 'ABC' . $_[0]; }
-sub do_cmd_UNIX{ '<span class="Unix">Unix</span>'
-                 . $_[0]; }
+sub do_cmd_UNIX{ '<span class="Unix">Unix</span>' . $_[0]; }
+sub do_cmd_LaTeX{ '<span class="LaTeX">LaTeX</span>' . $_[0]; }
 sub do_cmd_ASCII{ 'ASCII' . $_[0]; }
 sub do_cmd_POSIX{ 'POSIX' . $_[0]; }
 sub do_cmd_C{ 'C' . $_[0]; }
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