Jack Jansen  committed 6549d2e

Scripts runs with pythonw no longer had full window manager access due
to the name change of to Fixes #776116.

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File Mac/OSX/Dist/resources/postflight

 rm -f $TOOLDIR/pythonw$PYVER
 cat > $TOOLDIR/pythonw$PYVER <<EOF
-exec "$DEST/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/$PYVER/Resources/" "\$@"
+exec "$DEST/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/$PYVER/Resources/" "\$@"
 chmod +x $TOOLDIR/pythonw$PYVER
 ln -fsh pythonw$PYVER $TOOLDIR/pythonw

File Mac/OSX/Makefile

 # Variables for installing the "normal" unix binaries
 # Items more-or-less copied from the main Makefile
 # We use the full name here in stead of $(INSTALLED_PYTHONW), because
 # the latter may be overridden by when building for a pre-installed
 # /usr/bin/python
-$(APPINSTALLDIR)/Contents/MacOS/python: install_Python
+$(APPINSTALLDIR)/Contents/MacOS/Python: install_Python
 # $(INSTALLED_PYTHON) has to be done by the main Makefile, we cannot do that here.
 # At least this rule will give an error if it doesn't exist.