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Issue #3833: Use a different upgrade code for Win64 installers.

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+- Issue #3833: Use a different upgrade code for Win64 installers.
 - Issue #2271: Set SecureCustomProperties so that installation will properly
   use the TARGETDIR even for unprivileged users.

File Tools/msi/

 # This should never change. The UpgradeCode of this package can be
 # used in the Upgrade table of future packages to make the future
 # package replace this one. See "UpgradeCode Property".
+# upgrade_code gets set to upgrade_code_64 when we have determined
+# that the target is Win64.
 if snapshot:
     current_version = "%s.%s.%s" % (major, minor, int(time.time()/3600/24))
 if msilib.pe_type(dll_path) != msilib.pe_type("msisupport.dll"):
     raise SystemError, "msisupport.dll for incorrect architecture"
+if msilib.Win64:
+    upgrade_code = upgrade_code_64
 if testpackage:
     ext = 'px'