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Backport SF #1297059, doc incorrect return type for search() method. (There is a description of returned values at the top, so just remove the sentance and correct an example.)

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 \begin{methoddesc}{search}{charset, criterion\optional{, ...}}
-  Search mailbox for matching messages.  Returned data contains a space
-  separated list of matching message numbers.  \var{charset} may be
+  Search mailbox for matching messages.  \var{charset} may be
   \code{None}, in which case no \samp{CHARSET} will be specified in the
   request to the server.  The IMAP protocol requires that at least one
   criterion be specified; an exception will be raised when the server
 # M is a connected IMAP4 instance...
-msgnums =, 'FROM', '"LDJ"')
+typ, msgnums =, 'FROM', '"LDJ"')
 # or:
-msgnums =, '(FROM "LDJ")')
+typ, msgnums =, '(FROM "LDJ")')