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Keep gcc -Wall happy

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         if (ins(d, "LOCK_EX", (long)LOCK_EX)) return -1;
         if (ins(d, "LOCK_NB", (long)LOCK_NB)) return -1;
         if (ins(d, "LOCK_UN", (long)LOCK_UN)) return -1;
+	return 0;
 extern int Py_Main();
 main(argc, argv)
 	int argc;
 	char **argv;


 #define END_OF_BUFFER		8
-static unsigned char *reop_casefold;
 static PyObject *
 makeresult(regs, num_regs)
 	struct re_registers *regs;


 	if (inspect && isatty((int)fileno(stdin)))
 		sts = PyRun_AnyFile(stdin, "<stdin>") != 0;
-	Py_Exit(sts);
+	Py_Finalize();
+	return sts;
 	char *name;
-	PyInterpreterState *interp = PyThreadState_Get()->interp;
 	struct _inittab *p;
 	PyObject *mod;
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