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Rename importlib.util.set___package__ to set_package.

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     loader should initialize as specified by :pep:`302`.
-.. function:: set___package__(method)
+.. function:: set_package(method)
     A :term:`decorator` for a :term:`loader` to set the :attr:`__package__`
     attribute on the module returned by the loader. If :attr:`__package__` is


-def set___package__(fxn):
+def set_package(fxn):
     """Set __package__ on the returned module."""
     def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
         module = fxn(*args, **kwargs)
         return cls if imp.is_builtin(fullname) else None
-    @set___package__
+    @set_package
     def load_module(cls, fullname):
         """Load a built-in module."""
         if fullname not in sys.builtin_module_names:
         return cls if imp.is_frozen(fullname) else None
-    @set___package__
+    @set_package
     def load_module(cls, fullname):
         """Load a frozen module."""
         if cls.find_module(fullname) is None:
             raise ValueError("extension modules cannot be packages")
-    @set___package__
+    @set_package
     def load_module(self, fullname):
         """Load an extension module."""
         is_reload = fullname in sys.modules


 class SetPackageTests(unittest.TestCase):
-    """Tests for importlib.util.set___package__."""
+    """Tests for importlib.util.set_package."""
     def verify(self, module, expect):
         """Verify the module has the expected value for __package__ after
-        passing through set___package__."""
+        passing through set_package."""
         fxn = lambda: module
-        wrapped = util.set___package__(fxn)
+        wrapped = util.set_package(fxn)
         self.assert_(hasattr(module, '__package__'))
         self.assertEqual(expect, module.__package__)


 """Utility code for constructing importers, etc."""
 from ._bootstrap import module_for_loader
-from ._bootstrap import set___package__
+from ._bootstrap import set_package