Andrew Kuchling  committed 7822394

Change rfc822_escape() to ensure there's a consistent amount of whitespace
after each newline, instead of just blindly inserting a space at
the start of each line. (Improvement suggested by Thomas Wouters)

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File Lib/distutils/

 def rfc822_escape (header):
     """Return a version of the string escaped for inclusion in an
-    RFC-822 header, by adding a space after each newline.
+    RFC-822 header, by ensuring there are 8 spaces space after each newline.
-    header = string.rstrip(header)
-    header = string.replace(header, '\n', '\n ')
+    lines = string.split(header, '\n')
+    lines = map(string.strip, lines)
+    header = string.join(lines, '\n' + 8*' ')
     return header