Éric Araujo committed 8032ea4

Test pipes.quote with a few non-ASCII characters (see #9723).

That pipes.quote thinks all non-ASCII characters need to be quoted may
be a bug, but right now I’m committing this test to make sure I haven’t
introduced a behavior change in 3.3 when I simplified the code to use a
regex (in 5966eeb0457d).

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     def testQuoting(self):
         safeunquoted = string.ascii_letters + string.digits + '@%_-+=:,./'
-        unsafe = '"`$\\!'
+        unicode_sample = '\xe9\xe0\xdf'  # e + acute accent, a + grave, sharp s
+        unsafe = '"`$\\!' + unicode_sample
         self.assertEqual(pipes.quote(''), "''")
         self.assertEqual(pipes.quote(safeunquoted), safeunquoted)
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