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Tim Peters  committed 8376ad6

Added Windows news. Also repeated 1.6 Windows news since most people getting
2.0b1 for Windows will not have bothered getting 1.6. Also changed
"Changed, New, Obsolete Tools" to say "None" since nobody had put an entry

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 Tkinter -- optimization of function flatten
 urllib -- scans environment variables for proxy configuration,
-e.g. http_proxy. 
+e.g. http_proxy.
 whichdb -- recognizes dumbdbm format
 Changed, New, Obsolete Tools
-XXX: are there any?  If not, say "None" here.
 C-level Changes
 XXX There were other API changes that should be fleshed out here.
+Windows Changes
+New popen2/popen3/peopen4 in os module (see Changed Modules above).
+os.popen is much more usable on Windows 95 and 98.  See Microsoft
+Knowledge Base article Q150956.  The Win9x workaround described there
+is implemented by the new w9xpopen.exe helper in the root of your
+Python installation.  Note that Python uses this internally; it is not
+a standalone program.
+Administrator privileges are no longer required to install Python
+on Windows NT or Windows 2000.  If you have administrator privileges,
+Python's registry info will be written under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
+Otherwise the installer backs off to writing Python's registry info
+under HKEY_CURRENT_USER.  The latter is sufficent for all "normal"
+uses of Python, but will prevent some advanced uses from working
+(for example, running a Python script as an NT service, or possibly
+from CGI).
+[This was new in 1.6] The installer no longer runs a separate Tcl/Tk
+installer; instead, it installs the needed Tcl/Tk files directly in the
+Python directory.  If you already have a Tcl/Tk installation, this
+wastes some disk space (about 4 Megs) but avoids problems with
+conflicting Tcl/Tk installations, and makes it much easier for Python
+to ensure that Tcl/Tk can find all its files.
+[This was new in 1.6] The Windows installer now installs by default in
+\Python20\ on the default volume, instead of \Program Files\Python-2.0\.