Fred Drake committed 857f906

libainstall: Install Modules/Setup.thread in addition to Modules/Setup and

Guido: I hope this is ok; it seems to make a lot of sense to get the
whole trio of module config files installed as a set rather than
doing it partially.

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 		$(INSTALL_DATA) Modules/Makefile $(LIBPL)/Makefile
 		$(INSTALL_DATA) Modules/Setup $(LIBPL)/Setup
 		$(INSTALL_DATA) Modules/Setup.local $(LIBPL)/Setup.local
+		$(INSTALL_DATA) Modules/Setup.thread $(LIBPL)/Setup.thread
 		$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) $(srcdir)/Modules/makesetup $(LIBPL)/makesetup
 		$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) $(srcdir)/install-sh $(LIBPL)/install-sh
 		$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/Misc/ $(LIBPL)/