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Guido van Rossum  committed 885be60

Add note about popen2 problem on Linux noticed by Pablo Bleyer.

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 	to fail as well, so their removal is a good idea regardless of
 	how you configure python.
+	More recently, a problem with threads and fork() was tracked
+	down to a bug in the pthreads code in glibc version 2.0.5;
+	glibc version 2.0.7 solves the problem.  This causes the
+	popen2 test to fail; problem and solution reported by Pablo
+	Bleyer.
 	Also under RedHat Linux 5.0, the crypt module now needs the
 	-lcrypt option.  Uncomment this flag in Modules/Setup, or
 	comment out the crypt module in the same file.