Martin von Löwis committed 8fefa99

Properly generate logical file ids. Fixes #1515998.
Also correct typo in Control.mapping.

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         self.filenames = sets.Set()
         self.index = 0
-    def gen_id(self, dir, file):
+    def gen_id(self, file):
         logical = _logical = make_id(file)
         pos = 1
         while logical in self.filenames:
         return logical
-    def append(self, full, logical):
+    def append(self, full, file, logical):
         if os.path.isdir(full):
+        if not logical:
+            logical = self.gen_id(file)
         self.index += 1
         self.files.append((full, logical))
         return self.index, logical
             logical = self.keyfiles[file]
             logical = None
-        sequence, logical =, logical)
+        sequence, logical =, file, logical)
         assert logical not in self.ids
         short = self.make_short(file)
                  [(,, event, argument,
                    condition, ordering)])
-    def mapping(self, mapping, attribute):
+    def mapping(self, event, attribute):
         add_data(self.dlg.db, "EventMapping",
                  [(,, event, attribute)])
+- Bug #1515998: Properly generate logical ids for files in bdist_msi.
 - now ignores ImportWarning by default
 - Patch #1517790: It is now possible to use custom objects in the ctypes
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