Michael W. Hudson  committed 92ebe49

Backport a checkin of jvr's:

on MacOSX/Darwin, use ranlib when building static libs.

I hope this belongs on the branch...

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File Lib/distutils/

 __revision__ = "$Id$"
-import string, re, os
+import string, re, os, sys
 from types import *
 from copy import copy
 from distutils import sysconfig
                    'ranlib'       : None,
+    if sys.platform[:6] == "darwin":
+        executables['ranlib'] = ["ranlib"]
     # Needed for the filename generation methods provided by the base
     # class, CCompiler.  NB. whoever instantiates/uses a particular
     # UnixCCompiler instance should set 'shared_lib_ext' -- we set a