Guido van Rossum  committed 93c66ac

Added shlex and netrc modules; added warning about urllib change
affecting subclasses (which Jeremy just found out).

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 New library modules
+- by Eric Raymond provides a lexical analyzer class for
+simple shell-like syntaxes.
+- by Eric Raymond provides a parser for .netrc files.  (The
+undocumented Netrc class in is now obsolete.)
 - is a new module that contains the compile_command()
 function that was previously in  This is so that JPython can
 provide its own version of this function, while still sharing the
 - use type(__stdin__) for FileType.
 - fix translations for filenames with "funny" characters.
+Patch by Sjoerd Mullender.  Note that if you subclass one of the
+URLopener classes, and you have copied code from the old,
+your subclass may stop working.  A long-term solution is to provide
+more methods so that you don't have to copy code.
 - In read_multi, allow a subclass to override the class we
 instantiate when we create a recursive instance, by setting the class