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Remove minor entry. Add the ttk module.

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 .. seealso::
    :pep:`372` - Ordered Dictionaries
-      PEP written by Armin Ronacher and Raymond Hettinger; implemented by
-      Raymond Hettinger
+      PEP written by Armin Ronacher and Raymond Hettinger.  Implementation
+      written by Raymond Hettinger.
 PEP 378: Format Specifier for Thousands Separator
   (Contributed by Raymond Hettinger; :issue:`1696199`.)
+* Add a new module, :mod:`ttk` for access to the Tk themed widget set. The
+  basic idea of ttk is to separate, to the extent possible, the code
+  implementing a widget's behavior from the code implementing its appearance.
+  (Contributed by Kevin Walzer and Guilherme Polo; :issue:`2618` and
+  :issue:`2983`.)
 * The :class:`gzip.GzipFile` and :class:`bz2.BZ2File` classs now support
   the context manager protocol.
   (Contributed by Raymond Hettinger.)
-* :class:`collections.deque` objects now have a read-only attribute
-  called *maxlen*.
-  (Contributed by Raymond Hettinger.)
 * :func:`collections.namedtuple` now supports a keyword argument
   *rename* which lets invalid fieldnames be automatically converted to
   positional names in the form _0, _1, etc.  This is useful when