Raymond Hettinger  committed 954b609

Backport Tim's fix to

PlaySoundTest.test_alias_fallback(): Disabled this test, and explained
why in a new comment. My home Win98SE box is one of the "real systems"
alluded to (my system "default sound" appears to have vanished sometime
in the last month, that's certainly not a Python bug, and the MS
PlaySound docs are correct in their explanation of what happens then).

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File Lib/test/

         winsound.PlaySound('SystemQuestion', winsound.SND_ALIAS)
     def test_alias_fallback(self):
-        winsound.PlaySound('!"$%&/(#+*', winsound.SND_ALIAS)
+        # This test can't be expected to work on all systems.  The MS
+        # PlaySound() docs say:
+        #
+        #     If it cannot find the specified sound, PlaySound uses the
+        #     default system event sound entry instead.  If the function
+        #     can find neither the system default entry nor the default
+        #     sound, it makes no sound and returns FALSE.
+        #
+        # It's known to return FALSE on some real systems.
+        # winsound.PlaySound('!"$%&/(#+*', winsound.SND_ALIAS)
+        return
     def test_alias_nofallback(self):