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Fred Drake  committed 9856706

Correct dependency information -- the Python docs load the "About this
document" text from html/stdabout.dat, not html/about.dat.

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 $(ALLCSSFILES): html/style.css
 	cp $< $@
-$(INDEXFILES): $(COMMONPERL) html/about.dat tools/node2label.pl
+$(INDEXFILES): $(COMMONPERL) html/stdabout.dat tools/node2label.pl
 html/acks.html: ACKS $(TOOLSDIR)/support.py $(TOOLSDIR)/mkackshtml
 	$(PYTHON) $(TOOLSDIR)/mkackshtml --address $(PYTHONDOCS) \
 	isilo/dist/dist.html \
-$(ISILOINDEXFILES): $(COMMONPERL) html/about.dat perl/isilo.perl
+$(ISILOINDEXFILES): $(COMMONPERL) html/stdabout.dat perl/isilo.perl
 isilo:	isilo/python-api-$(RELEASE).pdb \
 	isilo/python-doc-$(RELEASE).pdb \