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Issue #4302: Minor corrections to smtplib. (Backport r60975)

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     def send(self, str):
         """Send `str' to the server."""
         if self.debuglevel > 0: print>>stderr, 'send:', repr(str)
-        if self.sock:
+        if hasattr(self, 'sock') and self.sock:
             except socket.error:
     def expn(self, address):
-        """SMTP 'verify' command -- checks for address validity."""
+        """SMTP 'expn' command -- expands a mailing list."""
         self.putcmd("expn", quoteaddr(address))
         return self.getreply()
+- Issue #1776581 and #4302. Minor corrections to smtplib.
 - Issue #3774: Fixed an error when create a Tkinter menu item without command
   and then remove it.
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