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Guido van Rossum  committed 98e2cad

rename binasciimodule.c -> binascii.c; disable parsermodule.c

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 array arraymodule.c	# array objects
 math mathmodule.c -lm	# math library functions, e.g. sin()
-parser parsermodule.c	# Fred Drake's interface to the Python parser
 regex regexmodule.c regexpr.c	# Regular expressions, GNU Emacs style
 strop stropmodule.c	# fast string operations implemented in C
 struct structmodule.c	# binary structure packing/unpacking
 # Helper module for various ascii-encoders
-binascii binasciimodule.c
+binascii binascii.c
+# Fred Drake's interface to the Python parser.
+# (Not enabled by default because it is big and doesn't compile with
+# cc on SunOS 4.1.3)
+#parser parsermodule.c
 # Example -- included for reference only: