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-This is a VERY preliminary release of my Python interface to Sun RPC.
-It consists of two library modules, and, and two example
-clients, and, implementing the NFS Mount
-protocol and (part of) the NFS protocol, respectively.  There is also
-a way to create servers in Python.
+This is a Python interface to Sun RPC, designed and implemented mostly
+by reading the Internet RFCs about the subject.
+There are two library modules, and, and several example
+clients:,, and,
+implementing the NFS Mount protocol, (part of) the NFS protocol, and
+the "rnusers" protocol (used by rusers(1)), respectively.  The latter
+demonstrates the use of broadcast via the Port mapper's CALLIT
+There is also a way to create servers in Python.
 To test the nfs client, run it from the shell with something like this:
-  python -c 'import nfsclient; nfsclient.test()' hostname [filesystemname]
+  python -c 'import nfsclient; nfsclient.test()' [hostname [filesystemname]]
 When called without a filesystemname, it lists the filesystems at the
-host (default the local machine).
+host; default host is the local machine.
+Other clients are tested similarly.
 For hostname, use e.g. or (two
 hosts that are known to export NFS filesystems with little restrictions).
-Note: this was developed for Python 0.9.8beta (not yet released).  I
+Note: this was developed using Python 0.9.8beta (not yet released).  I
 have tried to put in compatibility hacks for Python 0.9.7beta
 (available from but I cannot guarantee that it will work
 -- if it doesn't, let me know and I'll see what I can do.  In
 particular, if you don't have the built-in module "select", UDP
 time-outs and retries won't work.
+--Guido van Rossum, CWI, Amsterdam <>
+"I don't want *any* spam"